Services & Prices

        The V.I.P Luxury Service


This service includes:-


-Steam Shave

-Threading/Waxing (eyebrows, ears, nose and cheeks)





   The Classic V.I.P Haircut


A sharp haircut from our professional Turkish Barbers. Includes eyebrows trimming and ears flaming.



        The V.I.P Turkish Shave


Just sit back shut your eyes and relax. You will allways be subject to pampering and luxurious grooming. With using traditional cut-throat razors rendering an immaculate shave with face being steamed. Nect hair will be vanquised, ears flamed and eye brows trimmed. Finish the shave with an invigorating hot towel treatment to leave a smooth sensation.



Eye brows shaped, cheeks waxing, nose waxing & ears waxing.



Sloughing away dead skin cells with an exfoliator, and deep-cleaning pores/blackheads with a mask, helps prevent acne and dull skin, and leaves skin feeling smoother and softer


   The V.I.P Speacial Haircut

After haircut have your full head shampoo and rinse followed by a refresing hot towel & massage after your haircut.


   The V.I.P Full Service

Combine a sharp haircut with a clean shave or a beard design. 


                 V.I.P Kids

Kids haircuts ages 12 and under.



 Offer Monday-Thursday



A classic manicure and pedicure treatment by one of the experienced and talented nail artists at this salon is all you need to take great care of your feet, hands and nails.


            Ear Candle Wax Removal

Relax and unwind with this safe and effective procedure to gently remove excess ear wax and debris